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Creme of Tomato soup     14.50
Bouillabaise ( Fish soup)     21.00
Goulash Soup     16.50

Oysters - freshly Shucked Sydney Rock Oysters
Oysters Natural     doz 16.50 / doz 28.00
    Fresh oysters served with lemon and seafood sauce
Oysters Kilpatrick     doz 18.50 / doz 28.00
    With bacon and Worchester sauce
Oysters Maestral     doz 18.50 / doz 28.00
    Grilled oysters with garlic olive oil, white wine and lemon juice

Maestral cold entree G.F.
Fresh prawns, smoked salmon, smoked trout, natural oysters,
served with a Mediterranean sauce     e:18.90 m:34.00  
Fried Soft Shell Crab
Golden fried, served with baby rocket and lime aioli     e:15.50 m:29.00  
Char Grilled Haloumi & Fresh Asparagus G.F. V.
Served w on the vine ripened cherry tomatoes and balsamic reduction     16.90
Prawns Blue Vein
Garlic prawns in a creamy blue vein cheese     e:19.90 m:31.00  
Prawns Saffron
Garlic prawns in a saffron creamy sauce     e:19.90 m:31.00  
Prawns buzara G.F.
Garlic prawns in a mild tomato salsa     e:18.90 m:29.90  
Fried Baby Calamari
Served with lime aioli     e:18.50 m:29.00  
Seafood Stuffed Avocado G.F.
Stuffed with smoked trout, prawns, smoked salmon and dressed
with Mediterranean sauce     e:15.50 m:29.00  
Half Shell Scallops
Grilled in the shell with garlic olive oil, lemon, shallots     18.50

Seafood risotto
Mixed seafood with rice and tomato salsa and spices     29.90
Spanish Seafood Paella
Mixed seafood with a saffron based rice     32.90

Salads and bread
Meditteranean salad     13.90
Fresh Garden Salad     7.00
Garlic bread     5.90
Herb bread     5.90
Italian bread     3.50

Croatian Flavours
All served with rice, lightly fried potatoes and fresh garden salad
Cevapcici G.F.
Mixture of minced meats and Adriatic spices served with feta cheese and onion     26.90
Pola /Pola
Mixture of Cevapcici and raznici ( skewered pork meat)     28.50
Pan fried pork fillet stuffed with sweet dried prunes and
erved with a plim brandy cream sauce     29.50
Veal Medallions (Lemon and Pernod)
Succulent veal with a creamy lemon and pernod sauce     29.50
Gourmet Plate
Pork, beef and veal steaks accompanied by a grilled field mushroom
and topped with garlic oil     29.50
Croatian Mixed Grill
Cevapcici, pork, beef, chicken, veal, kransky with capsicum relish and Dijon mustard     32.90

From the field
All served with rice, lightly fried potatoes and fresh garden salad
Beef and Reef G.F.
Prime eye fillet topped with whole jumbo king prawns     31.00
Surf and Turf
Prime eye fillet topped with prawns in saffron creamy sauce     33.50
Steak with Pepper sauce
Prime eye fillet topped with a creamy peppercorn sauce     29.90
Steak Maestral G.F.
Prime eye fillet topped with garlic oysters, garlic oil and white wine     29.90
Steak Buzara G.F.
Prime eye fillet topped with prawns in a garlic tomato salsa     31.90
Beef and Bugs G.F.
Grilled Moreton Bay bugs accompanied by eye fillet of beef served with red wine jus     36.90
Beef and Scampi
Grilled scampi accompanied by eye fillet of beef with red wine jus     35.50

From the sea
Please refer to the blackboard for the catch of the day
Grilled Moreton Bay bugs
Served with rice and chilli, garlic cream sauce     35.50
BBQ King Prawns
Served with fried potatoes, garlic olive oil, lemon     31.90
Scampi (deep sea lobsterette)
Served with fried potatoes, garlic olive oil or garlic creamy sauce     36.00
Western Australian Lobster Mornay or grilled
Served on the bed of rice     35.00    whole 59.00  
Adriatic Seafood Platter for one
Chargrilled fish fillets, prawn skewer, fried baby calamari,
oysters of your choice and lime aioli     33.00
Adriatic seafood platter for two 65.00  
Maestral Seafood Platter for two
Catch of the day, soft shell crab, jumbo king prawns, scampi, oysters and lime aioli     96.00
Premium BBQ Platter for two
Selection of our premium BBQ seafood including Moreton Bay bugs, grilled scampi,
king prawns, scallops in the shell, grilled fish fillet, oysters with
whole grilled Western Australian lobster     180.00

Kids Menu
Fish fillets with chips and salad     18.50
Junior steak with chips and salad     18.50
Chicken Schnitzel     18.50

    Chocolate, strawberry, caramel,
    nutella and warm mixberries or lemon and sugar     12.00
Apple Strudel     12.00
Sticky Date Pudding     12.00
Tiramisu     12.00
Croatian Assorted Sweets     13.00
Ice-cream with topping     7.00

Soft drinks and juices
Coke, Diet Coke, Lemon Squash, Fanta, Lemonade, Soda Water,
Orange Juice and Apple Juice     4.00
Coffee, tea and hot chocolate
Espresso, Cappuccino, Flat White, Turkish, Latte     4.00

Corkage $2.50 per person


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